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        CD60 Motor Start Capacitor Type
        1. Housing: metal shell, shell jacket with PVC pipe
        2. Features and use: Start the motor at a lower current, higher torque can be obtained. Widely used in 50Hz/60Hz refrigerator, capacity control, freezer (compressor) on and single-phase AC motor (heat pump, water pump) on.
        3. Technical parameters
        Nominal capacity range: 20 ~ 1500μF
        Rated voltage range: 110 ~ 330VAC
        Operating temperature range: -10 ~ +55 ℃
        Dissipation factor: tgδ ≤ 0.15 (20 ℃, 100Hz)
        Durability: Rated voltage is greater than or equal to 160V, a power for one minute, one second for each power, a total of 30,000 times. Rated voltage less than 160V, a power half a minute, one second for each power, a total of 75,000 times, electricity Capacitance change: ± 15% less than the initial measurement position.
        Resistance between terminal voltage: 1.2 times the applied voltage for 2 seconds.
        Between terminal and enclosure withstand voltage: 2000VAC, 10 seconds, without breakdown.
        Executive Standard: IEC60252.2-2003, SJ2598-1985, SJ2599-1-1985

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