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        American Start Capacitor CD60 Type
        1. Case: phenolic (bakelite), ABS, polypropylene
        2. Apply: 50Hz/60Hz AC motor, air conditioning, freezers, compressors.
        3. Features: good insulation, strength, unbreakable; terminal tightness, firm, no leakage and can withstand large external forces in all aspects.
        4. Technical parameters:
        Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +55 ℃
        Rated voltage range: 220 ~ 330VAC
        Nominal capacity range: 40 ~ 200μF
        Dissipation factor: (tg δ) (20 ℃, 100Hz), tg δ <0.10
        Durability: According to the operating voltage, the capacity of different power a 0.5-4 minutes (1 second), 12,500 ~ 50,000 times.
        Resistance between terminal voltage: 1.25 times the applied voltage, 2 seconds.
        Between terminal and enclosure withstand voltage: 2000VAC, 10 seconds, no breakdown, no explosion.
        Executive Standard: RS-463 IEC60252.2-2003, SJ2598-1985, SJ2599-1-1985

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