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        CBB66 lighting capacitor metal halide lamp
        1. Case: round or oval-shaped aluminum
        2. Apply: 50/60Hz lighting metal halide lamp start and run.
        3. Features: This product has low loss, high insulation resistance, self-healing performance, stable performance, impact resistance current, overload capacity and strong features, built-in high reliability and explosion-proof equipment, security, reliable performance, and external discharge resistors. Metal halide lamps for lighting the start and run.
        4. Technical parameters
        Capacity range: 3 ~ 100μF
        Capacity Deviation: ± 2%, ± 5%, or by customer request production
        Rated voltage: 125 ~ 540VAC
        Maximum temperature: +70 ℃ / 85 ℃ / 105 ℃
        Loss tangent: tanδ ≤ 0.002 (100Hz)
        Test voltage (VAC): TT: 2.0Un/60S; TC: ≥ 2200VAC/60S
        Implementation of the standard: GB18489, GB/T18504, IEC61048, IEC61049, EN61048, EN61049, UL810

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