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        ABB decided to increase investment in Xi'an
        AddDate:2010-04-25  Author:  Source:
        (Reporter Mo Ruining) yesterday, Deputy Mayor Huang provincial body met senior vice president of ABB Group, LU Wei to his party and joined ABB Xi'an Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. was established ten years celebration.

        ABB Group is listed among the Global 500 of the power and automation technology leader in China has included research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services to a full range of business activities, and has 30 joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises, strong sales and service network throughout the country. ABB Xi'an Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, currently located by the open area, covers an area of nearly 17,000 square meters. Has become the world's largest enterprise power capacitors, products are exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, India, Brazil and other places.

        LU Wei expressed that, ABB Group, the largest production base of its place in Xi'an, the Group has decided to increase investment in Xi'an.

        Huang said the provincial body, ABB Group, settled in the city from the city has been the concern of the people, ABB is the advanced management of multinational enterprises, is influential in the area by opening the enterprise. As the administrative center moved north, Xi'an ABB, the surrounding environment will be greatly improved, very much welcome the new ABB products on the economic development district capacitance. Xi'an talents, hoping to make good use of ABB, Xi'an talent advantage.

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