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        Shenzhen Hui Cheng (002,168 shares of it, market, information, main trading) repeated strong support of multiple concepts can be of

        □ Huarong securities Shen Gang

        2010, the company announced private placement, mainly for construction projects of polyimide fibers and products, the initial estimated amount of investment 300 million yuan. Polyimide fibers are high-performance fibers, widely used in aerospace, nuclear power stations, fuel gas filters.

        Cheng Hui holding company principally engaged in the new super-capacitor energy R & D, production and sales. Super capacitors charge and discharge faster, environmental pollution, the advantages of long cycle life, can meet the market for high-frequency, high intensity, high cycle times, comply with environmental policy, the demand for power supply, mechanical, electronics, automotive, solar energy and other fields has excellent prospects for development.

        Secondary market, the stock diluted active in, with new materials, environmental protection, military, and other multiple concepts, the bottom of the "red three soldiers" on K line indicates that the market outlook is still up space, suggest that investors take an active interest.

        Matthey Aowei (002,085 shares of it, market, information, main trading) rebounded to strong bottom

        □ States Securities Yang Zhongning

        Since 2009, the global economic situation is getting warmer, redemption, countries around the old subsidy scheme introduced to bring Europe and the United States vehicle sales in the major automotive consumer recovery, recovery companies export business quarterly basis. Domestically, the policy been introduced to support the automotive industry to drive sales of domestic passenger car market, significant growth, through the relevant ministries have introduced policies to encourage and support the domestic automobile and parts industries, and the first reference to the 2015 cars and parts to reach 85 billion U.S. dollars export target, which the future development of the company has laid a good basis for the industry.

        Secondary market, the stock price volatility in the high six months after the test a low line access to support and stand up on two days Fanshen all short and medium term moving average, investors are expected to rebound to bargain-hunting interest.

        Sanonda A (000553 stock it, price, information, main trading) looking forward to glyphosate prices rally

        □ Chin Hua Teng Hai Tong Securities

        Company is the largest producer of pesticides, the main business for the chemical and pesticide production and sales, the key products of spermine, glyphosate, dichlorvos, paraquat, etc., all varieties of production are among the domestic front. Company A aldehyde projects have been completed, are expected to gradually put into operation this year and made gains, while the second and third quarter of pesticide formulations season, the company expected to achieve good sales growth, particularly after last year's inventory of glyphosate after digestion, is expected to lower coming season will be half the price rally now, and the resumption of production is less than small businesses, the price rebound is expected to continue.

        Secondary market, the stock shocks to maintain the trend, Thursday 5 line stand on the rebound. Company is expected as the integration platform of middle peasants, investors due attention.

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