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        News: Seven companies to disclose quarterly net profit of up to 7,818,200 yuan
        AddDate:2010-04-25  Author:  Source:
        Le general medical care, Hanwei Electronics, Yu saving, new-chou state, Faure shares, 10 000 Banda seven companies to disclose quarterly report today.

        Ferrer shares of seven companies and 10 000 Banda outstanding performance, net profit has increased by 197.43 percent and 171.42 percent for the.

        Le General Medical: company achieved operating income during the reporting period 18,482.96 million, up 35.38 percent over the same period; achieve attributable to ordinary shareholders of net profits 10,857.48 million, up 41.04 percent over the same period.

        Hanwei Electronics: report on the company achieved sales revenues of 24.2432 million yuan, down 18.81% year on year; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent was 4.6746 million yuan, down 41.17 percent over the same period last year.

        The decline in operating income last year in rural areas because of gas detection equipment with a sudden increase in the profit decline was due to the company marketing this year's expansionary policy, run the greater rate of increase, performance returns lag.

        Yu saving: the first quarter of 2010, the company realized main business income of 44,577,992.75 yuan, up 3.45%; net profit of 3,339,059.30 yuan, up 2.09%.

        The new Zhou state: the first quarter of 2010, the company achieved operating income of 8,828.30 yuan, up 88.77 percent, mainly solid polymer capacitor current super capacitor electrolyte chemicals and achieve better growth and chemical sales up electrolytic capacitors have higher growth; main business costs rose 91.57 percent, mainly current sales growth and the main raw material
        News: glass refractories accounted up to 61% of gross orders for hot Ruitai Technology
        Recommended: material commodities dragged down by shares of financial stocks was up a good performance
        Observation: CCL price of raw materials prices increased health benefits and Technology
        Analysis: The broker is expected to report before the Spring Festival material was required to enhance the "Internal Strength"
        December 7 date of the agricultural and steel industry
        Prices led to a drastic increase in the cost of principal operations; current net profit of 1,224.19 million, an increase of 42.79%.

        Competition for the Smart: During the reporting period the company's first quarter operating revenues 33,768,268.81 yuan, up 10.89 percent over the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent to 3,732,249.49 dollars, up 8.90% over the same period last year.

        Ferrer shares: report operating income of 36.55 million yuan during the period, up 21.52 percent over the same period, operating costs increased 15.31% over the same period, net profit attributable to parent company shareholders 9.18 million yuan, up 197.43 over the same period %. This is mainly due to open in the reporting period Xunsu emerging high-growth businesses, including vigorous promotion of lipid shell capsules, non-invasive diagnosis of fibrosis LIVER technology for technical services
        Shanghai Securities】 【stocks Flush speed version of the software download -2,010
        Bank of China International Securities】 【stocks Flush Standard Edition software download -2,010
        Aiming Unit Net: March 12 Huatai Securities recommended
        Hai Tong Securities】 【Flush download stock quotes Software Diamond Edition -2010
        【Shanghai Securities】 Flush stocks trading software download - Diamond Edition
        Income and sales of non-invasive liver fibrosis diagnostic equipment, full use of resources, profitability, investment costs reasonable arrangements to adjust staffing structure and pay evaluation system, and achieved good results.

        10000 Banda: first quarter 2010 operating income of 41,656,900 yuan, up 34.25 percent; 7.8182 million yuan net profit a year earlier, an increase of 171.42% compared to 2.8805 million yuan, mainly from June 2009 the company since the beginning introduced to the downstream water system managed large customer operations, first quarter of 2010 increased over the same period managed operations, and general contracting business smoothly, so there is more substantial than the same period last year growth.

        GEM then heating body "grass is always greener"

        Main Board Shenfutiaozheng failed to stop the continuation of the Growth Enterprise Market in full swing. February 22, GEM continues to move up, with an average increase of 2.6%, the day a total of 9.326 billion yuan transactions. Day, Huayi Schwab, China Star Venture (300,025), Li Si-jin (300,010) shares daily limit of three companies, only three companies declined.

        In this regard, Century Securities GEM research team leader Li-Hua Lv said that given the size of the hard disk style conversion in place short term, high-growth expectations, and forecasted to continue repeated theme active GEM capital also took the opportunity to inevitable speculation.

        While another analyst who declined to be named claimed that the GEM and Main Board of the reason "冰火兩重天", on the one hand is the pre-adjustment GEM great day, perhaps this should have gone through many days to go over the road, on the other hand, policy changes by more than expected, leading to violent motherboard market adjustments related to plate, and bad is not clear whether the best in the large cap still has a lot of uncertainty, funds will naturally choose small and medium market segment.

        To attract the eye of a quarterly

        "This year, new industries have been the beat of traditional industries, and the situation will continue. Of this phenomenon can be explained from different angles, and now many people from capital perspective, it makes sense. If another point of view from the industry life cycle perspective, it's very natural to recognize that in the current cycle, the new industry would certainly be more worthwhile to invest in traditional industries. "the analyst stressed.

        WANG Ming-li Gu analyst TX GEM strategy in this week's Weekly noted that the GEM listed companies in general are new in the current cycle, the rapid growth of these companies is no doubt that this is supporting the GEM should enjoy higher valuation factors. With a quarterly disclosure, the argument was part of the evidence.

        April 22, 2010 the two released a quarterly performance report of the GEM companies are give a fairly good responses. Among them, the Chinese star business due to increased revenue, cost reduction, and with government subsidies, the 2010 first quarter net profit rose nearly 2.2 times. Secondary market, the Chinese star business day of GEM has become one of the three daily limit.

        Similarly, the robot (300 024) a quarterly release that day also showed that the first quarter of 2010, the company targets the business grow steadily year on year increase of over Bacheng net profit, earnings per share of 0.26 yuan, an increase of 36.84%.

        WANG Ming-li that in the current market environment, the systematic adjustment of the GEM pressure to be treated with caution. However, due to the prospects of different business sectors, profitability and growth in different, different enterprises have different share prices and valuations, the market trend will be further divided.

        "In the near term, valuations are relatively safe area, and strong growth of the company has become the choice to avoid systemic risk adjustment." WANG Ming-li said.

        Fund "new favorite"

        In fact, as the major force in the funds market, institutional investors, in the treatment of traditional industries and emerging industries are quietly changing attitudes.

        TX care statistics, in the first quarter, including regional revitalization, GEM and new materials
        Blue Star New Materials: Blue Star line triggered the speculation integration
        Star Tech: Set the two hot spots in a medical battery
        Star Tech: set of medical and battery are two hot spots in a
        , New energy】 【SW Securities in Beijing Haohua major coal the main energy
        Aiming Unit Net: March 4 vote in the energy recommended Sichuan
        Watch: New Energy shares port city of collective energy is the sun rose up 8.72%
        Pharmaceutical industry and the new energy industry's latest market research (1 March)
        Aiming Unit Net: February 26 recommended Yili Energy
        And a number of policy support to industry funds, including listed companies were included in the ranks of Awkwardness. Add in the fund's top 50 Awkwardness, a group of small board and GEM in the stock accounted for a lot of seats, such as the Shenzhou Taiyue (300 002), Yang shares (002 304), 10000 Banda (300 055), gold Mantis aiming Unit Net: March 5 Recommended Gold Mantis
        (002 081), Central shares (002,129), the United States YG (002,303), Tin Church shares (002,009), Institute of monitoring (002 322) and so on.

        The Bank of Beijing (601169), Industrial Bank (601166), Shenzhen Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398), Bank of Communications (601 328), China Merchants Bank (600036) and a number of bank holdings by the Fund, while Baoshan Iron & Steel (600 019), Angang shares (000 898), TISCO stainless (000 825), Wuhan Iron and Steel shares (600,005), China Shenhua (601 088), Luan ring energy (601 699), the National Yang New Energy
        Observation: Who can throw the country Yangxin bearish industry fundamentals
        (600 348), Pingdingshan shares (601,666), Shenhuo shares (000,933), Xishan Coal and Electricity (000 983) and a number of steel iron and steel industry and machinery industry's latest market research (March 23)
        Electronics industry and the steel industry's latest market research (March 19)
        Concern: steel stocks soaring steel offer mixed
        Recommendation: Needs help pick up the steel stocks trend higher steel prices good
        Chemical industry and steel industry's latest market research (March 17)
        , The leading coal industry also funds a substantial share holdings. Such as heavily loaded in the fourth quarter last year, China Petrochemical observation: China Petrochemical afternoon, the euro zone interference A shares transaction
        Jiuding Dresdner and Guangzhou on December 15 of the Bandung
        Sinopec surged 23% 1 week later
        Sinopec 10 billion loss in Q4 of this year without financial subsidies
        [Petrochemical] Petroleum and Petrochemical: cut interest rates for the petrochemical "timely help" recommended two stocks (Research Report)
        (600,028) of the Fund 45, to the late first quarter of this year dropped to 21; in the last quarter of the funds held by Baosteel have 49, the figure to the end of the first quarter of this year, becomes 16; largest holding China Shenhua's funds are from the end of last year's fourth quarter fell to 33 this year, a quarter of nine.

        Big reduction in traditional industries, the fund has begun fought GEM. To Divine Taiyue, for example, a quarter of Shenzhou Taiyue stock is climbing, up almost showing a pattern of unilateral, March 30, the company stock before the price broke through to the ex 200 mark, become the Moutai (600 519 ), China Shipping
        Nov. 25 launch IPO of China Shipbuilding Industry issue 1.995 billion new shares to be
        (600 150) has a station after the 200 A-shares. In the company of the top ten shareholders of tradable shares in eight of the Fund. In addition to the focus of the Meeting Tianfu growth (519,068, fund it), Invesco Great Wall optimization (260,101, fund it), the rest belong to the company's Yinhua Fund funds, including the core value of Silver City, Silver Hua Fuyu (180,012, funds it ) subject, Yinhua quality (180 010, the fund it) the growth of six funds.

        The end of 2009, the company top ten tradable shareholders holding shares of total volume of only about 152 million shares, the largest single holding is only 25.68 million shares tradable shareholders can not, while a quarter of the outstanding shares of the largest shareholding Yinhua preferred shareholders core values (519,001, funds it) shareholding had reached 162.5 million shares, the top ten tradable shareholders holding a total of approximately 723.54 million shares.

        Rate System believes that the short term, the overall trend will be in the GEM wide oscillation state, capital recovery and valuation of risk bars the release of the game levels will keep rising. Part of the texture of fine, main line with national strategic industry direction, future growth of a distinctive company, after experiencing the release of the valuation, the funds will continue to be sought after, still up. The mediocre performance, growth potential weak stocks, then a stock price will experience a longer period, "to bubble" process.

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