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        Eleventh Beijing Auto Show Booth: Oliver reached Electric (Photos)
        AddDate:2010-04-25  Author:  Source:

        2010 (eleventh) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on April 23 at the China International Exhibition Centre (Jing Zhuang) held a grand old museum, the main display of domestic and foreign auto parts and related products, the exhibition of external trade, active participation of domestic parts companies, a total of more than 1,500 exhibiting companies, the automotive electrical appliances Committee, the China Auto Parts Industry Company, China Association of Automobile related industries Branch, Zhejiang Automobile Manufacturers Association, the National Consortium of Diesel Engine parts and other sales to Pavilion organized as many exhibitors, HC network time at the show exhibitors reported a field situation:


        Professional production of automotive generator regulators, rectifiers, high-voltage damping line and capacitors. Has 11 years of production experience. The company is located in the Wenzhou Railway Station side, now has 3,500 square meters of office plants. Passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system. ABC company is a AAA credit rating companies. Company introduced a comprehensive quality management system (TQM), based on high quality, innovation and development of new products and won several national patents.

        11 years experience our products are exported to more than 50 countries in Europe and America. Product range, regulators: 18 series of 600 varieties, rectifiers: 16 series of 400 varieties, high-voltage damping line: 18 series of 600 varieties, 180 varieties of capacitors. Combination of ISO: 9001 quality system design quality monitoring system, with multiple checkpoints to ensure high reliability of product quality. R & D and design of computerized systems to ensure that individual customer and high quality requirements. According to Motor Trend and customer demands, and constantly develop new products, leading the market trends. Win-win cooperation with customers and to expand the world market.


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