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           Tongling Xintai Electric apparatus and capacitor Co., Ltd. is located in capacitance south of the Yangtze "Chinese bronze are" - Tongling is the national electronic industry base, from the Buddhist spots and Huangshan Mountain scenic nine were less than 1 hour, location and convenient transportation. Founded in March 2001 Yu is private technology enterprises in Anhui Province, registered capital of 11.125 million yuan, for eight consecutive years was named Trade and Industry Bureau, Tongling City, "the contract and trustworthy enterprise", bank credit rating to "AA-class," "City good faith enterprise ", Tongling City, 50" little giant enterprises ", Tongling City," fine, special, special, new "business, Tongling City," the unemployed re-employment demonstration base. " 2005, 2006, 2007, she was evaluated for three consecutive years, "advanced unit in science and technology innovation."
        Xintai Electric Co., Ltd. is a capacitive development - design - manufacture and sale of integrated professional manufacturer of capacitor, the current standard of 18,000 square meters modern workshop, visiting professor 3, senior engineer 18, 206 employees; production equipment are: automatic cutting machine, automatic winding machines, automatic spray gold machine, vacuum impregnation machine. Company's leading product CBB60 series, CBB61 series, CBB65, CBB70 series AC capacitors, DC filtering capacitor, capacitor voltage absorption, low-voltage capacitor, power compensation capacitors, DC capacitors, parallel compensation capacitors, which are widely used in air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, motors, power tools, pumps, lights, electric power, automation engineering, magnetizing machine, demagnetizing machine, laser power supply, medical devices, energy storage welding, DC high-voltage equipment, rectifier filter device oscillation circuit, continuous pulse devices, impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator, voltage divider, and other non-impact continuous pulse devices, and a variety of products, high voltage test equipment. Enterprises in strict accordance with ISO9001 series quality system standard to establish and perfect quality assurance system, adhere to the "allow users to one hundred percent satisfied" with the quality policy. "Quality first, users first" purpose and set up factories, "high quality, high yield, low consumption" business ideas, ongoing technological innovation, developing new products, provide customers with the appropriate species, satisfactory quality, suitable price, quality of service. November 2005, the Company has made foreign trade import and export right.
        Product specification, quality excellent. He has won much praise and foreign businessmen are welcome to contact us, negotiate.


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